It is not from the benevolence of
the butcher, the brewer, or the baker
that we expect our dinner, but from
their regard to their own interest.
Adam Smith


Teaching Materials


The following are links to Excel simulations for economics

The following are links to PowerPoint shows

Business Quantitative Methods (MGMT 230)



Money and Banking (ECON 303)

        Syllabus (Fall 2015)

        Intro to MS

        Fed Challenge TI-83 Assignment

        M&B 01

        M&B 02

        M&B 03

        M&B 04

        M&B 05

        Fed Funds Market Simulation



MBA 620

         Syllabus (Summer 2015)

         Equation Sheet

         PPT 01 Handout 1

         PPT 02 Handout 2

         PPT 03 Handout 3

         PPT 04 Handout 4

         PPT 05 Handout 5

         PPT 06 Handout 6

         Application of inflation

         Simulated consumption

         Simulated consumer expenditure

         Simulated AE

         Simulated AD

         Production function and LRAS

         SRAS and LRAS


         Aggregate Market Model 1

         Aggregate Market Model 2

         Aggregate Market Model 3

         Discount rate

         Required reserves ratio

         Open market operations

         Crisis mode



Austrian Economics

         Syllabus (May 2015)

         Text books:

1.      Austrian Economics: A Primer

2.      The Austrian School of Economics

3.      Economics in One Lesson

4.      The Concise Guide to Economics

5.      Economics In The Movies

6.      Learning Basic Macroeconomics

         Mainstream Macroeconomics Class 2 group presentations:

1.       Class 2 presentation PPT

2.       Class 2 presentation PPT

3.       Class 2 presentation PPT

4.       Class 2 presentation PPT

5.       Class 2 presentation PPT

6.       Class 2 presentation PPT

7.       Class 2 presentation PPT

8.       Class 2 presentation PPT

9.       Class 2 presentation PPT

10.    Class 2 presentation PPT

         Mainstream Microeconomics

         Capital Based (Austrian) Macroeconomics

         Final YouTube presentations

         Final YouTube peer evaluation form


Labor Economics